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Training courses and real opportunities: MG2 and ITS Maker join to spread technical and scientific culture

Anybody, all over the world, cannot speak about the future without considering youth training.
MG2 is particularly conscious of that in its capacity as organizer and supporter, since 2015, of some educational meetings meant to introduce the graduated boys and girls in the industrial universe of the company based in Pianoro.

MG2 for the territory: a strong bond shown in everyday life

Even if MG2 distinguishes itself as a globalised company, its bond to the original territory is particularly strong and it is exactly in such area that most of its personnel live, high-tech projects are developed and almost all its products are manufactured, not to mention the significance of everyday life moments. It is right on the occasion of two heartfelt events, the Galaverna race and the Carnival that MG2 confirmed again its participation as a sponsor.
MG2 at PBP World Meeting 2018

The meeting will be held in Granada, Spain,  from 19th to 22nd of March
The applied research of MG2 and RCPE at Making Pharmaceuticals

The two presentations foreseen on 14th March in Bruxelles (B) and on 25th April in Coventry (UK)

MG2 has been playing for long time an active role in the world of the international scientific research by contributing in the development of new solutions aimed at capsules filling with pharmaceutical powders which are becoming more and more sophisticated, then difficult to be dosed.

MG2 s.r.l., società del Gruppo H.P.F. S.r.l., capitale sociale € 312.000,00 i.v., REA n. 393530
Via del Savena 18, I - 40065 Pian di Macina di Pianoro, Bologna, Italia
P. IVA, codice fiscale e Registro delle Imprese della provincia di Bologna: 01819491208