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MG2 and ROMACO together showing to customers the secrets of powder dosage

​Last 13th and 14th of September, the two Companies organised a joined conference dedicated to their customers, regarding the dosage of powders for pharmaceutical use. The event took place in Bologna, home of MG2’s headquarters and one of Romaco’s main productive centres, involving a hundred of members of the pharmaceutical world. The conference was held in the relevant Companies’ premises, enabling the attendees to visit the productive departments, to appreciate the methods and technologies employed by the two firms.

​To MG2, the Powder Conference was first of all an occasion to illustrate to customers and operators of the field the state-of-the-art solutions in the dosage of powders for pharmaceutical use, a sector in which the Company can boast a unique know-how. Applications for powder dosage were in–depth analysed, with a special consideration for low dosages for inhalation products, a general overview of all real-time quality controls which MG2 can integrate to its machines, as well as technologies to handle high potent compounds. The conference was enhanced by the contribution of external speakers, coming from the world of research and University as well as from the pharmaceutical industry, who supported the presentations with their case histories. At the same time, the participants had the occasion to appreciate the productive centre of the Bolognese headquarter, including the new MG2 Pharma Zone, a complex of cleanrooms dedicated to testing phases and production of small batches, even of active products requiring an accurate control of environmental temperature and humidity. These rooms can protect both operators and products, by reproducing the same conditions of pharmaceutical productive departments. Customers and operators also visited the fully automated warehouse, the department where units and machines are assembled and the workshop where the Company manufactures itself most of the components for its capsule fillers and end-of-line solutions, thanks to several automated work centres and 3D printers.

The part of the event which took place at Romaco was divided between a theoretical examination of the various technologies for processing pharmaceutical powders and a number of practical trials and demonstrations. The presentation of the Macofar MicroMaxX 18 aseptic powder filling machine in the new cleanroom at Romaco’s Bologna facility was undoubtedly one of the high points. Since the installation of the GMP compliant cleanroom environment, real products can now be tested there for the first time under real production conditions. This is an enormous advantage when preparing a machine for use by the customer or conducting test series.
«It is not usual – says Manuela Gamberini, MG2 Sales & Marketing Manager – that two independent companies like Romaco and MG2 organize together such an important event. This was possible thanks to the strong complementarity of our portfolios and a shared approach to customers, focused on innovation, quality and reliability of services. The Powder Conference of last 13th and 14th September was an instance of successful cooperation, aiming first of all at providing the customer with a service, being at the same time a virtuous example of how, even in our industrial field, there really is strength in numbers».
«The Romaco and MG2 portfolios match one another almost perfectly», explained Nicola Magriotis, Managing Director Sales, Romaco S.r.l. in Bologna. «When it comes to processing pharmaceutical powders, both our companies are proven experts in their respective fields. The Powder Conference was the ideal platform to illustrate to pharmaceutical industry representatives where we stand, how we fit together and where we are stronger together.»