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MG2 project for the pharmaceutical industry: from the bottle to the case


Strongly encouraged by its established leader position in the capsule fillers market, MG2 strengthens its engagement in the pharmaceutical/cosmetic packaging industry for which the company designs, produces and sells both end-of-line and serializations machines. An excellent example is the project of a complete line designed for an important North-American multinational company, on behalf of which MG2 managed the integration process by supplying both a machine for the secondary packaging and a serialization system.

MG2 coordinated a project aimed at the implementation of a packaging line for a morphine-based highly active pain relief product: this activity required great care during the steps of designing, integration and assembly of the machines. This is the second line ordered in the last few months by the same customer, an American pharmaceutical multinational company, and it is a clear sign of the loyalty that MG2 earned in this field, not only as a supplier of machines and accessory units, but also as prime contractor for complex projects requiring, as in this case, the coordination of different manufacturers and system suppliers.

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