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Training courses and real opportunities: MG2 and ITS Maker join to spread technical and scientific culture

Anybody, all over the world, cannot speak about the future without considering youth training.
MG2 is particularly conscious of that in its capacity as organizer and supporter, since 2015, of some educational meetings meant to introduce the graduated boys and girls in the industrial universe of the company based in Pianoro.

The meetings are organized with the cooperation of the ITS Maker Foundation (The Higher Institute for Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanics and Packaging).
ITS creation was driven by the Italian Ministry of Education with the purpose of both promoting and spreading the technical and scientific culture, thus making it easier the access of graduates to the best mechanical and mechatronics companies based in Emilia Romagna.

Between 19th January and 1st February 2018, 24 boys and girls from 21 to 24 years old were the main players of the last educational event held at MG2. The course “Higher technician for automation and packaging” has been split into four interactive lessons which have combined theory and practice, thus allowing the participants to also experience some practical tests in the different MG2 Departments including Testing Dept. and Assembly Dept.
The piece of news of 2018 – as Mr. Massimo Malvi from MG2 Technical Support Service Dept. asserts – is represented by the opportunity given to the best human resources to start a traineeship in the company meant to evaluate whether the selected graduates show the necessary abilities to permanently become part of the team.