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MG2 for the territory: a strong bond shown in everyday life

Even if MG2 distinguishes itself as a globalised company, its bond to the original territory is particularly strong and it is exactly in such area that most of its personnel live, high-tech projects are developed and almost all its products are manufactured, not to mention the significance of everyday life moments. It is right on the occasion of two heartfelt events, the Galaverna race and the Carnival that MG2 confirmed again its participation as a sponsor.

It is right from the “galaverna” weather phenomenon that takes its name the walking contest making its way through Pianoro hills every year in January, this year on the 21st. Now at the 46th edition, the event has become a date to be saved: it counts on approximately 4.000 participants who love running and walking. Also, MG2 went to the track and actively took part to the event dedicated to the memory of Alice Gruppioni, the business woman from Pianoro who tragically died in California in August 2013. As both sponsor of the Proloco Avis Pianoro Walking Team and organizer of this event together with the Department of the Sport of Pianoro, MG2 has seen some of its employees among the runners and, in front its headquarters, one of the refreshment areas for the runners has been set up.
MG2 is also the sponsorship of Pianoro Carnival, now at its 31st edition, by joining to the goliardic spirit of this event which every year gathers all age people. Sunday the 11th of February, this occurrence involved the citizens in a program particularly rich in initiatives: a party in the square of Pianoro including shows, dance and games organized by the “Proloco Pianoro” Association, which ended with the traditional parade of the 10 floats, including one MG2 float, accompanied by the “Corpo Bandistico Folkloristico Dozzese” marching band.
MG2 active participation to such events results from the continuous attention to the initiatives and the requirements of a territory where the company finds its roots; these roots represent the company starting point which made it possible MG2 transformation into a well-known international reality in the processing & packaging automatic machines panorama.