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MG2 and Skyepharma: low dosages, high technology

​Skyepharma, a Company specialized in inhalation and oral drugs, chose MG2 to address its needs for production of pilot and clinical batches for its inhalation pharmaceutical product pipeline and collaborative projects with third parties. Planeta with MultiNETT, MG2’s machine, was identified as the most effective solution due to its dosing accuracy and flexible format.

​Skyepharma is an experienced independent developer of inhalation and modified-release oral products. It works in partnership with its licensees and partners to enable the development and commercialization of innovative and technically-challenging pharmaceutical products using advanced technological approaches. MG2 is a market leader in the design and marketing of capsule fillers and end-of-line solutions. The two companies met during an industry event, where they laid the foundations for a project leading to the Bolognese manufacturer installing Planeta capsule filler at Skyepharma’s R&D facility near Basel, Switzerland. MG2’s Planeta machine was chosen after an evaluation of several different options because it offered flexibility in dosing different kinds of inhalation products and good overall performance characteristics.

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