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Innovation as a mission.
MG2 was founded in Bologna in spring 1966 by Ernesto Gamberini, a young designer of automatic machines, who involved a colleague and an aunt, as backer.The first location of the company was in a small warehouse in Bologna outskirts and there, he started to design and produce automatic machines for the food and pharmaceuticals industries.

In 1967 MG2 received its first order for a capsule filling machine suitable to dose pharmaceuticals into hard-shell capsules: this product would get so much success to become the core-business of the company. In fact, thanks to the experience and the enthusiasm of the founding members, since the beginning MG2 has been able to guarantee the production of machines which join innovation, reliability, productivity and accuracy: these aspects will accompany the whole story of MG2.
The real intuition of Gamberini consisted in applying to the capsule fillers, for the first time in the world, the
continuous rotation movement in replacement of the alternated movement: this principle was applied to the project of the mythical Model G36. This technology, protected by a patent, completely changed the way to design and construct this type of machines, thus consistently contributing to their technological development. MG2 has been exclusive producer of this type of machines for long time and still now, MG2 is a leader worldwide for this kind of automatic machines.

Over the years, MG2 growth continued and the company developed more and more perfect products on the technological and functional point of view. Modern computer technologies together with big investments in R&D allowed to join innovation to the almost “craft-type” experience of the company, thus leading MG2 up to become a landmark for the state of art in its sector.
MG2 headquarter is based in Pianoro (Bologna), the heart of the "Packaging Valley" of the town, but the main goal of the company remains the international market to which 90% approximately of the turnover is exported. MG2 presence abroad is well established also thanks to the historical branch in United States. MG2 can rely on both a network for direct sales in Italy and 40 agents all over the world.