The applied research of MG2 and RCPE at Making Pharmaceuticals

The two presentations foreseen on 14th March in Bruxelles (B) 
and on 25th April in Coventry (UK)


MG2 has been playing for long time an active role in the world of the international scientific research by contributing in the development of new solutions aimed at capsules filling with pharmaceutical powders which are becoming more and more sophisticated, then difficult to be dosed.
The combined research carried out in synergy with the Austrian RCPE Research Centre in Graz allowed to reach important conclusions as far as processing of inhalation powders is concerned.

Actually, one of the Centre researchers, Mrs Eva Faulhammer, represents MG2 ambassador at the two  International Conferences held in the scope of Making Pharmaceuticals in March and April respectively in Bruxelles (B) and Coventry (UK).
The presentation of the title Combinational Approach for Advanced Understanding of a Capsule Filling Process for Inhalation Application is the opportunity to show the results of the research, which is based on the forefront technologies of MG2 capsule fillers and gravitates towards one the most important challenges of this sector: problems arising from the relation between the filling process and the type of inhalation powder, with particular regard to low dosages of extremely powerful medicines.
In fact, the processing of very small quantities must guarantee the maximum accuracy and uniformity of dosage, by considering the interaction between the powder and the capsule fillers geometry. Such geometry changes based on the powder features and strongly influences the filling process under all points of view. The innovative analysis of the process, developed by the Italian-Austrian Research Team, is based on trials and “silico” simulation. It is a methodological approach allowing to observe the phenomenon under an experimental point of view, by joining the understanding of each single aspect of the process to modelling and mechanistic simulation.
Thanks to the cooperation between an important producer who is leader of the market such as MG2 and a high-profile Research Centre, a major step forward has been made towards the scientific qualification of the whole process to fill capsules with inhalation powders.

Where and when
Making Pharmaceuticals Europe, 13-14/3/2018
Bruxelles, B, Bruxelles Expo
14 March, 9.50 – 10:10 am

Making Pharmaceuticals UK – 24-25/4/2018
Coventry, UK, Ricoh Arena
25 April, 9.55 –
10.15 am

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