MG2 and Hovione looking together at innovation in the inhalation solutions world

It is a long-lasting cooperation which joins MG2 to Hovione, a pharmaceutical multinational company counting on many headquarters in USA, China, Ireland
and Portugal, but also on two worldwide acknowledged laboratories, in Lisbon and in New Jersey.

It is exactly in the Portuguese headquarters that, in the scope of the process focused on the strengthening of its trial/production capacity, MG2 installed a new capsule filler in containment version suitable for the low dosage of powder for inhalation purpose, model TEKNA, thus reinforcing the already existing Italian-Portuguese cooperation.
The aim of the new production line consists in completing both the product range and the services which Hovione, a worldwide acknowledged CDMO, can propose to its customers.
Such a position on the market has been achieved by Hovione also thanks to the scalability of MG2 machines, allowing to replicate laboratories experience during the subsequent step at production level.
This is the case of Hovione, a company which started by following an R&D path with FlexaLAB model, an R&D capsule filler equipped with MultiNETT weight control system.
At a second step, they continued the production stage by inserting the new capsule filler model TEKNA for inhalation applications. MG2 developed a special path aimed at innovation and technological research focused on these applications, which require extremely high dosage accuracy but also stability of the dosing system.
TEKNA capsule filler, installed at Hovione Portuguese plant, allows to produce 110.000 capsules per hour and it is suitable to handle the so-called “high potent” substances.
Also, TEKNA, as FlexaLAB, is equipped with MultiNETT system to control 100% net weight during the process.
Thanks to MG2 technology scalability Hovione had then the opportunity to complete its innovation path by passing from R&D to actual production.
In fact, MG2 can offer a complete range of capsule fillers: from R&D to production, from the technical batch to the clinical batch up to the production batch: different machines capable to replicate identical functioning parameters on different scales to satisfy the various requirements of the market.

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