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Interview to Mr. Alessandro Recupero, Sales Dept. Manager MG2

Expertise and innovation represent the key features of MG2 since its creation and which are strongly pursued by MG2 present personnel.
Among them there is Mr Alessandro Recupero, MG2 Sales Dept. Manager, who is going to tell us about his idea of the market, starting from 2018, but looking much farer.

“There are many markets which are constantly facing a growth” he tells us “and thanks to these markets MG2 is also strengthening its position as a reference point for automatic machines both in the process and in the packaging sector.
Practically speaking I cannot forget India, a market which is still growing by looking more and more for high technological solutions, to offer its product both on a local scale and on an international scale with high quality degree. In markets like this, showing high potential, MG2 confirms its position as reference point for inhalation solutions, but not only for this special application. Actually, we won some projects also in well-established markets like Germany where the local competitors are represented by brands who gained a solid position in our sector. Besides, there are some countries which are starting to grow and where we are achieving shares; I particularly refer to Centre and South of America: Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, only to mention some of them. Coming back to Asia, we can see some positive trends in Korea, Japan and South-East, Vietnam and Indonesia. In Europe, the Eastern area is “moving” particularly with a focus on Russia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Technology and Innovation, a MG2 distinctive sign. Could you introduce us an overview of the innovation paths followed by the company together with the perspectives for the future?

“MG2 always tied its name to high technology and innovation concepts. To us, they are actual benchmarks. Only to mention some examples, we could look back to 1977 when we decided, first all over the world to equip our capsule filler with a weight control system, or 1990 when we were the first company introducing in the market a capsule filler for inhalation application including a net weight control system integrated in the machine.
Again, we can mention the year 1996 when we were the first company introducing the NETT weight control system to control 100% of net weight
Once again, in 2008, we were pioneers in introducing a 100% net weight control system for multi-components products. There have been thus many occasions when MG2 took a precedence over the other companies. Looking to the future, our investments surely concern weight control systems.
In fact, we will implement a 100% net weight control system in the scope of the multi-component dosages, not only for powder dosages but also for pellets, tablets and micro-tablets, suitable for our machine models, starting from the small R&D machine up to high speed machines.
Also, our solutions for containment purpose will be developed and they will involve all our reference models, starting from R&D machines up to high-speed machines. Our proposal will cover a range from OEB3 to OEB5, including different solutions for dry cleaning, moistening and totally automatic washing during machine operation. In any case MG2 approach focuses on both flexibility and the ability to read customer needs by developing tailor made projects according to requirements.”

MG2 presence at Achema 2018 was a success: what products and what innovation did you introduce?

“Achema is the most representative exhibition for MG2 and based on the shown machines I would say that our message is clear: we are a single contact point to satisfy all needs. How?
For what concerns our Processing Division, we showed our mod. FlexaLAB capsule filler in containment version with washing system. To-date it is the only R&D completely automatic capsule filler which can reach an OEB5 containment level. The machine is also equipped with an integrated weight control system making it possible to reach high level accuracy, a feature which is unlikely found in competitor’s products.
Model Planeta capsule filler, which is our best seller, was exhibited in its new “outfit” in compliant to Industry 4.0. A new HMI panel and interface strengthen its role as a benchmark for customers looking for “flexibility” both in terms of upgradable speed, ranging from 6,000 up to 100,000 capsules/hr, and in terms of dosing options and relevant weight control systems.
Through AlterNova, that was showed at the Achema with a new design, we displayed how MG2 is also present in the market with an intermittent motion capsule filler, particularly but not only in the nutraceutical industry.
An important role was played also by our stand-alone check-weigher and sorting machine for tablets and capsules model SELEKTA, equipped with MultiNETT system, an exclusive patent MG2.”

But boundaries of MG2 do not end up here: the Packaging Division enriched the present offer at Achema. After 30 years of exclusive experience in capsule filling, in 1997 MG2 also focused on the design of cartoning machines, tray formers, case packers and palletizers. Thanks to this further element, MG2 portfolio can cover all the requirements of the whole production chain.

“The real surprise to many visitors of Achema” says Mr Alessandro Recupero “was the special packaging area where we introduced a worldwide preview: KARTOS, the new intermittent motion cartoning machine and our first blistering machine, model BliStar, an evidence of our continuous will to look for new growing sectors, always aiming at a market share which has been precluded until now.”

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