MG2 at DDL Conference 2018

Another engagement for MG2 to keep updating on the inhalation advances

The yearly forum devoted to inhalation drugs is addressed to both the academic and scientific world, but also to those entities who are involved either the regulations or the industrial production.
MG2 has been developing for many years a process of both analysis and study of the inhalation drugs, by means of the gradual integration between the in-house R&D and its constant cooperation with institutions being leader in the academic research.
DDL Conference 2018, including 5 themes sessions, represents an opportunity to be updated under both the technical and scientific points of view, but also a perfect scenario to dialogue with the best experts in terms of inhalation drugs and respiratory science.

The appointment with the Drug Delivery to the Lungs 2018 and MG2 is at booth 312, from 12th to 14th December in Edinburgh (UK).


MG2. Keeping ahead for you