MG2 Inhalation and Oral Solid Dosage Forms Workshop

Constant focus on the international scientific research panorama on the one side and on the development of solutions to handle both powders for inhalation and solid oral forms on the other side

This is the spirit in which MG2 gives birth to and event which is totally dedicated to one of the most contemporary topics for the pharmaceutical industry operators. On 27th march, immediately after the 3rd European Conference on Pharmaceutics, MG2 will host at its headquarters in Pianoro (BO) a workshop focused on both the new opportunities to administrate inhalation/oral drugs and on the latest technological solutions aimed at handling such substances.

In fact, for several years MG2 has decided to take a mostly scientific approach towards the new pharmaceutical market challenges, by taking part to international research projects, but also by creating new cooperation programmes with the most important players of this industry, either national or international.
This decision made it possible for MG2 to turn, from a capsule filler producer, to a shaped partner able to satisfy the most demanding requirements both in terms of technological solutions for the dosage into capsules and in terms of scientific support.

The Inhalation and Oral Solid Dosage Forms Workshop represents a clear evidence that MG2 is constantly engaged in a sector which always submits new challenges to the players.

Under the above point of view, the seminary takes shape as an appointment allowing to professionals, opinion leaders and specialists of the industry, to compare each other opinion on the technological issues, but also on the pharmaceutical market evolution, on which MG2 is investing by both constantly innovating its products and by cooperating with its partners.

Hovione, RCPE, Meggle, Qualicaps, IMS Micronizzazioni, PTM Consulting e F.P.S. will be the performers of the speeches aimed at sharing competences and experiences developed in the world of inhalation and oral solid dosage forms.

The day will end with a practical test run on MG2 capsule fillers, followed by a tour of the plant.

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