Packaging, processing and containment solutions: MG2 at Pharmintech 2019

MG2 attends Pharmintech Exhibition, the international event dedicated to the supply chain of Life Sciences which this year reaches its 5th edition, scheduled in Bologna from April the 10th to the 12th

The exhibition is part of a health week, the so-called Bologna Health Week, during which also the Cosmofarma expo will be held from April the 10th to the 14th.

MG2 will be present with both its processing division and its packaging division at Hall 16 booth C20 in Bologna Exhibition Center, where visitors coming from an increasingly heterogeneous market will have the chance to discover MG2 technological solutions.

Regarding the Processing Division, MG2 will show Model FlexaLAB capsule filler under containment version with washing system. To-date it is the only R&D completely automatic capsule filler which can reach an OEB5 containment level, equipped with an integrated weight control system which allows it to achieve the most competitive reading accuracy.
MG2 gives the market both technology and production capacity starting from R&D to large-scale production, applicable to any type of product and dosage: powder, powder for inhalation, pellets, micro-tablets, liquids, tablets and combinations of different products.
The safety levels comply to the highest international standards, starting from OEB3, OEB4 up to OEB5 to handle under safe conditions high-risk pharmaceutical products. Such compliance is proved by carrying out strict SMEPAC tests which confirmed that MG2 can reach results being under 0.1 mg/m3.

Capsule filler model FlexaLAB in containment
version OEB4-OEB5

Also, Model Planeta capsule filler, which is MG2 best seller, will be present at Pharmintech. Planeta is particularly suitable to reach the maximum flexibility thanks to its machine speed with an upgradable production output from 6.000 to 100.000 capsules/hour, its dosing capability and its weight control systems. The machine will be exhibited in its new “outfit” with its innovative HMI. The new interface is the result of an internal project called AUTOMATION 2020 which looked at the special needs of the operator that allows MG2 portfolio machines to be easier-to-use.

As for the Packaging Division, MG2 will show the intermittent motion cartoning machine model KARTOS. This machine satisfies the most different packing exigencies thanks to both quick and easy size parts change over and the wide range of offered automatic feeding systems. Designed to pack products for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, KARTOS reaches a speed of 120 cartons per minute; it can be totally managed electronically, and it is suitable to handle a wide range of size parts, while allowing an easy access to the working area thanks to its ergonomic design.

MG2 waits for Pharmintech visitors at Hall 16 booth C20 of Bologna Exhibition Centre, from April the 10th the to the 12th.

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