MG2 and B&R: Industry 4.0 Automation Solutions and Application Standards

Aligning with the standards of MG2, which is dedicated to technological and digital innovation, the AUTOMATION 2020 project
defines a common automation platform for packaging and processing machinery.

Continuous motion capsule filler
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The initiative’s main objectives include performance improvement, the standardization of development methodologies, and enhanced interface usability. Due to its ability to manage critical features and ensure secure data management, B&R was the ideal partner for this project.

The project has yielded numerous benefits, including the full realization of the Automation Studio program’s offerings and a redesigned HMI interface that emphasizes user-friendliness.
A fundamental component adopted is the Reaction technology utilized to analyze large amounts of data in microseconds.

The HW and SW components within this technology manage the 100% control weight of all capsules filled in capsule filling machines. It is essential to use such a high-performance technology to guarantee the quality and safety of the finished product.
Furthermore, Mapp components are easily configured to provide extremely modular software in a short time period.
Examples include mappAudit and mappUserX, which achieve compliance with the 21CFR Part 11 and mappAlarmX standards to simplify alarm management.

Industry 4.0 connectivity: this collaborative solution is based on the industrial OPC UA standard, which offers improved security management with a high level of cybersecurity, encryption and advanced management of network access profiles. The overarching goal is to provide a high degree of computer security during the exchange of critical data.

OPC UA is the technological basis for developing connectivity functionalities starting from monitoring in real time, where some key process indicators allow to control the machine, up to the advanced control of production parameters and remote opening of the lot essential to achieve real integration, necessary for example in Continuous Manufacturing environments. The machinery can be remotely monitored using mobile phones or tablets, or via the Cloud.

Among the fundamental results obtained through AUTOMATION 2020 is an HMI interface with a completely renewed design. Specifically, a 21-inch monitor is positioned vertically on all MG2 machines. This new interface focuses on intuitiveness and overall user experience.
Starting from a methodology training performed on the whole team, a series of interviews with end-customers and key-users led to the definition of a preliminary concept submitted to design review and approval.
A cross-sectional graphic standard also is applied to all machines.


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The interface provides machine operators with key information about production phases. Access to parameters and alarms, diagnostics and process validation insights also are available. From a technology standpoint, the HMI utilizes mappView, which develops modular and efficient graphic pages from the Automation Studio program. From the technological point of view, the new HMI has been developed exploiting the potentialities of mappView of B&R, which, based on a series of libraries of graphical components called Widgets, allows to develop in a modular and quick graphic page from the same Automation Studio development environment used for the machine control software.

Overall, the AUTOMATION 2020 project combines numerous advantages into one platform; notably, the initiative facilitates efficient maintenance time and enhanced flexibility of resources.

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