MG2 containment solutions at Maghreb Pharma Expo 2019

With more than 2400 visitors, Maghreb Pharma Expo offers to pharma professionals the whole spectrum of products and services that cover the entire supply chain of local pharmaceutical manufacturers

takes part to the Algerian event, that is scheduled at the Centre International des Conférences d’Alger – CIC from October the 1st to the 3rd, by introducing itself to the North African market as a leading partner able to answer customer’s specific needs with innovative technologies.

R&D capsule filler model FlexaLAB in containment version OEB5 level

Indeed, specially for the Processing Division, at booth B03 MG2 will show capsule filler model FlexaLAB in containment version, equipped with Wet-in-Place washing system.
To-date it is the only R&D completely automatic capsule filler which can reach an OEB5 containment level, equipped with an integrated weight control system.

The achievement of the highest containment levels is the challenge won by MG2 thanks to the constant development of machines being conceived to minimize the risks for both the operators and the environment.
The safety levels comply to the highest international standards, starting from OEB3, OEB4 up to OEB5 to handle under safe conditions high-risk pharmaceutical products.

Dry cleaning, wet-in-place, automatic and dynamic wash-in-place during machine operation, maximised coverage of surfaces during washing: these are only a part of the solutions offered by MG2 to the customer to satisfy their requirements which can be considerably different.

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Maghreb Pharma Expo, 01-03 October 2019
Algiers – ALGERIA
Exhibitor: Biotechnica Pharma
booth B03

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