MVIC Symposium 2019: Future opportunities of Inhalation

Driven by its constant focus on both the panorama of international scientific research and the development of solutions to process low dosages of oral solid forms and powder for inhalation purposes, MG2 takes part to the eighth edition of the MVIC Symposium 2019 at the Medicon Village in Lund (Sweden).

The conference hosts workshops and speeches dedicated to the complex context of inhalation drug development. This is a topic on which MG2 has been working for years in close collaboration with not only national and international university research institutes, but also market leader manufacturers of excipients and capsules.

MG2 awaits visitors at the MVIC Symposium from October the 9th to the 10th to talk with its experts about developments and innovations related to production and processing of inhalation products. 

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