Special services put in place by MG2 to face the new challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic

Pianoro, 1st April 2020


Dear Customers,

In such a difficult socio-historic conjunction affecting our lives and our habits worldwide, the pharmaceutical industry still plays a strategic role for human health, by giving us the hope to return to the much-needed normality.
As a player of this particularly important match, MG2 knows that the drug supply chains are undergoing an actual stress test and they need to stay focused to avoid both any possible production disruption and drug shortages.
To date, MG2 represents the best partner to whom you can either delegate side activities or ask for a special support. Thanks to its Pharma Zone professionals team, MG2 range of services has been enriched by new specially-conceived opportunities to promptly respond to production peaks.

You can hence take advantage of:

  • Pharma Zone for production tests, short runs, lab tests and R&D;
  • The possibility to receive one of our capsule fillers with very short delivery term, but also without long-term investments thanks to either rent or pay-per-use solutions. This option may apply in case you need to strengthen your production lines due to a consistent production increase;
  • Remote assistance service for machine set up and optimization, FAT and troubleshooting;
  • Spare parts supply and access to Technical Documentation by means of our OnlineService website: these services are active 24 hours a day for 7 days;
  • Technical assistance and support at your site, where it is allowed by the present regulations, thanks to both MG2 technicians and our worldwide agents network.

Stay focused on your target and count on us for any of your needs: MG2 is here for you.


MG2. Keeping ahead for you

MG2 • Coronavirus News Special services put in place by MG2 to face the new challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic