Always hand in hand with our customers: MG2 remote solutions

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Talking about remote support, in order to develop suitable solutions, we have to face many challenges such as relationship with the customer, troubleshooting, start-up of new machines and functional tests. These challenges lead to the definition of new strategies that ensure the best response to customer needs.

We introduced a series of technological projects being particularly useful in managing situations that impose the distance between people, by always focusing on one goal: to be as closer as possible to out partners.

For many years, our website has offered a series of 24-hour services such as the access to the technical documentation on the Onlineservice platform, through a dedicated account, which gives our customers the opportunity to both view the specific documentation of his machine and access to the spare parts catalogue.
It allows to guarantee immediate support in case of technical problems, breakages and wearing issues.

In order to solve the difficulties arising from the existing hindrances to the movement of both people and goods during spring 2020, we have also activated an extraordinary on-site repair service. Thanks to this service, the customers can send the machine parts to our Pianoro headquarters where they are repaired and sent back to them.

MG2 Onlinservice platform – detail of the e-SPARES catalogue

In addition, office automation solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365 and the Teams video conferencing tool, allow MG2 to maintain constant relationships with our customers, even if it is impossible to reach the company headquarters.

Remote testing of a packaging line carried out during first days of COVID-19 emergency

The distance, therefore, does not represent a criticality to organize operational meetings, to test the machines and to run the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT). We have adopted a wearable technology system based on two video cameras and a smartphone connected to Internet.
MG2 technicians wear this system thanks to special harnesses, thus allowing our customers to live a remote user experience as closer as possible to real situation on site.
In such way, MG2 technicians can bring their experience by integrating live video images to machine operating data, which can be shared during the remote meeting. Filming can include fundamental phases such as special parts operation, size change over, management of rejected capsules, real-time information on the sophisticated weight control systems installed on our machines.
Images allow the customers to follow the entire intervention, whatever it is: testing, maintenance or repairing.

During Covid-19 emergency, we are fully operational thanks to our constant commitment in searching innovative and sustainable solutions to keep continuous contact with our partners. Indeed, the customers can count both on a consolidated problem-solving support and on important novelties resulting from a constant innovation process which is boosted by this period difficulties.
These novelties include the studies on neural networks and artificial intelligence that will be soon applied to MG2 capsule filling machines, aiming at making the machines themselves capable to self-manage maintenance (both preventive and predictive), errors and malfunctions. This self-learning process will be carried out during machine daily operation, according to a logic known as predictive quality.

Continuing to operate while ensuring maximum efficiency is not only a corporate mission for MG2, but also an active contribution to the management of the global crisis, in which the pharmaceutical industry plays a main role to assist both the health professions and the population in the supply of either medicines or first-necessity devices.

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