Standardization, flexibility and efficiency: three key words to distinguish the integration between MG2 and OPTEL

The partnership focuses on GSL10 side-loading case packer and OPTEL vision systems

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One of MG2 strength point is represented by its technological tradition applied to the development of flexible and highly-efficient machines that can be adapted to any production both in the processing and in the packaging context. It is exactly for its Packaging Division that MG2 developed a successful project together with OPTEL Group, a Canadian multinational company specialised in the serialization and tracking systems with many offices all over the world and B-Corporation certified.

More precisely, the partnership between the two companies, which has lasted for several years, has allowed the development of a standard communication protocol for the quick and effective integration of OPTEL serialization and aggregation systems to MG2 end-of-line packaging equipment. In this case, the OPTEL hardware integration project includes two inspection systems: the first one is based on a verification camera equipped with illuminators for shipper label verification; the second one is also based on a verification camera equipped with an illuminator to verify QR codes on stacked cartons. 

At the centre of the project there is the MG2 GSL10 horizontal side-loading case packer that manages up to 10 cases per minute. This ergonomic and compact machine is integrated with OPTEL technology for both the coding and the verification of each single package, but also for the aggregation of the entire product batch.

  • product stacking;
  • case filling;
  • case sealing;
  • case labeling;
  • case label inspection.

Thanks to the implementation of a shift-register, the shipper position inside the GSL10 is constantly checked with continuous signal exchanges that occur between MG2 PLC and OPTEL software.

Detail of the OPTEL vision system
for QR code verification on stacked cartons

In the first phase of product stacking, an OPTEL camera was integrated. It represents the right compromise between wide-angle and telephoto, thus guaranteeing a clear display of QR codes, without image distortion or blurring. The choice of this camera was made in order to ensure its perfect functioning for the entire format range of the GSL10 case packer.

Detail of the OPTEL vision system
for shipper label verification

Progressively, products are placed inside the case which, after the closing phase, proceeds to the print & apply labeling machine. After this phase, the second OPTEL camera with illuminator checks the right aggregation of the QR product codes inside each case.
Therefore, if the OPTEL camera check is positive, the case ends its path towards the machine outfeed, otherwise it is rejected.

The unique characteristic of the successful integration between MG2 and OPTEL is the flexibility assured by the choice of a sole technical solution that covers the entire wide format range of the case-packer, thus not requiring any specific format change-over.
At the same time also the dialogue between the two systems is standardized to encourage both the effective data signals exchange and the replication of the system integration model even in different contexts without any further specific engineering.

To MG2, this communication protocol becomes a strength point that allows the Company to speed up all procedures, starting from the initial mechanical building stages up to the accelerated machine validation tests (FAT and SAT) and the final installation to the customer site.

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