Season’s Greetings 2020

Christmas 2020

Dear Friends,

In such a complex year as this 2020 we are experiencing, despite the difficulties, MG2 has been able to keep intact
the spirit of enterprise that has always characterized us.

After thinking about safety, protection measures, work and its quality, we also thought about Christmas and its deep meaning.

In this perspective we decided to continue supporting the initiatives of the Antoniano Onlus, which is more than ever close
to the community at a time when so many people need food, economic and human support.

We also decided to remember Morena, a dear colleague of MG2, recently disappeared,
by supporting ANT, the National Cancer Association.
The pandemic has put a strain on all of us, but in particular on people suffering from serious illnesses, who,
due to the difficult situation caused by the health emergency, now need even more support from the whole community.

That is why, in this very moment, Community, Care, Memory and Rebirth represent, more than anything else,
what we want to donate you, to hold us in a big virtual embrace.

In the certainty that all together in this embrace we can build a better future,
the whole MG2 team sends you the most heartfelt Season’s Greetings!

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