The pandemic does not stop MG2: a record-time installation for a new production line in Southern France

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A pharmaceutical Company headquartered in the South of France, that has been operating both in the pharmaceutical and in the nutraceutical industries, has recently completed the installation of a production line thanks to the widespread expertise and the long-term cooperation with MG2.

The partnership, indeed, lasts since the 90’s when the pharmaceutical Company bought a capsule filler model MG Compact. During the last quarter of 2020, the customer needed to perform an update of its technology in very short time, which represented an important investment, especially in the present historical moment. The scale of such an investment prompted the Company to renew its confidence in MG2, thus preventing itself from the demanding development of a new unknown technology on its own.

MG2 took up this challenge by both starting the machine manufacturing at the end of September and carrying out the FAT at the end of November: only two months to construct and test the capsule filling machine. MG2 put in place the now-consolidated expertise in carrying out remote FAT tests, which was strengthened by the pandemic emergency. The extremely challenging delivery time required by the customer has been fully complied with. The strong cooperation and the continuous dialogue between the Company specialists and those of MG2 make it possible to talk about a real and important partnership, which goes beyond the traditional concept of the relationship between supplier and customer.

The customer competently supported the process by transferring the right technical information and by making the necessary pre-delivery validations” – says Mr. Alfredo Ziliotti, MG Area Manager for France and Principality of Monaco

“to complete the remote FAT. Our staff shared with the customer live audio-video footage from fixed and mobile cameras to allow him to take part to the machine control and inspection phases same as it would have happened in a live experience.

Thanks to the successful completion of the FAT in mid-November, the old machine, even if it was still working, was put to rest.

Immediately after the remote FAT, the on-site SAT phase was carried out”.

Alfredo Ziliotti, MG2 Area Manager for France and Principality of Monaco


This success was achieved not only thanks to the expertise of in-house working team, but it was also supported by the presence of an MG2 French native speaker technician, who lives in France and shows a 20-years of experience in both MG2 technology and the French market. This resource eased the execution of the processes by making the joint work more streamlined.

At the heart of the technological update there is a MG Compact, a continuous-motion capsule filling machine with a maximum output speed of 48.000 capsules/hour, which the customer equipped with powder and pellets dosing systems to be filled into different capsule sizes.

The extreme flexibility of MG2 technology allows to meet the customer requirements in terms of scalability and flexibility, by integrating optional items such as the weight control system with or without self-adjustment of the machine process parameters, the so-called recipe. Other accessories, which can also be implemented at later date, are available to automate and to integrate other process stages, such as automatic capsule feeders, product feeders, empty capsules eliminators or polishing and selecting machines.

Continuous-motion capsule filler for powder and pellets MG Compact up to 48.000 capsules/hour

This excellent result is in line with MG2 consolidated market position in France with more than 100 installed machines which, even after many years, guarantee reliability, flexibility, scalability in their performances in a context of constant innovation.

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