New MG2 vacuum and suction facilities: efficiency and reliability in a green soul

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Specifically designed for PLANETA and PLANETA Q capsule fillers

In the constant search for innovative solutions, MG2 “thinks green” also thanks to its new vacuum/suction facilities, which can reduce the electrical consumption by 45% compared to the previous version. In fact, the new solution is enriched by some important features, thus enhancing the efficiency and the operative performances which are typical of MG2 production.

Operating functions

The vacuum/suction facilities consist in a suction and cleaning unit, which can be supplied with MG2 machines, performing three operating functions:

    • open the capsules by vacuum;
    • properly hold the capsules during the working phases;
    • suck the powder created during the machine operation.

The continuous operation of the vacuum/suction facilities guarantees full machine efficiency in terms of cleaning and operation, thanks to the integration of a suction pump and filters.


MG2 facilities are really a very efficient system resulting from the activity of MG2 technical team which, while constantly looking for improving solutions, worked unceasingly to optimize the steadiness of its performances, thus reducing consumption and noisiness levels at the same time. These improvements make the vacuum/suction facilities in line with the “green paradigm”, which asks the industries to play an active role in the protection of the environment by adopting specific strategies both inside the factories and on a global scale.

An important novelty compared to the previous system is represented by  the high efficiency fans not always working at the maximum speed; in fact thanks to the new solutions found by MG2, suction and operation are automatically adjusted depending on the real machine operating requirements, with considerable advantages in terms of efficiency, noisiness and consumption.

MG2 new vacuum & suction facilities 

The new cyclone, fully developed and designed by MG2 internal R&D Department, features advanced functions to effectively separate air from powder, before the filtering phase, thus enabling to keep the filters cleaner and therefore more efficient.
A dedicated recovery container, equipped with maximum level detectors, allows to recover the product. Moreover, all components can be easily disassembled without tools, thus guaranteeing an easy maintenance.

MG2 technical experience also aimed at improving the unit compactness, to reduce the number of connection pipes between the machine and the suction unit, by combining the single utilities depending on their function (either for capsule handling or for suction).

Finally, the unit is equipped with silencers fitted at the outlet of the fans to reduce the noisiness, inverters to check the speed and a display which enables to gather diagnostic information from the unit, to support the operator during the control of the working phases.

Available for both new and already installed capsule filling machines:



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