MG2 opens to Laboratories Roemmers the doors of its remote and virtual Technical Support Service

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The COVID-19 emergency has forced internationalized companies to reconfigure their technical assistance services. A limit for some, but an opportunity for companies like MG2, always responsive, especially when it comes to supporting the customer in a real partnership.

This is the case of the Laboratories Roemmers which since 1921 have played a leadership role in the pharmaceutical industry in Argentina.
Already MG2 customers since 1976 with a G36 capsule filling machine and in 1997 with MG Futura, they recently have purchased two PLANETA capsule filling machines, both working at the production speed of 100.000 capsules/hour and equipped with different dosing units including the MultiNETT weight control system.

The FAT was successfully carried out in Italy, just before the COVID-19 emergency broke out. The pandemic could have irreparably affected the final installation of the machines, but this was not the case thanks to the organizational capacity of the MG2 Technical Support Service Department. Ten professionals and various mechanical, electronic and software automation technicians, often being native speakers of the countries in which the Company operates, assisted by an international network of more than 40 agents, are part of the team, both on-site and remotely.

At the heart of the strategy for the remote SAT success there were several variables: the system architecture chosen by MG2, the customer active and competent participation, the network of technicians and the Argentine agent who supported the operation.

Continuous-motion capsule filler PLANETA up to 100.000 capsules/hour

In addition to the commonly used office automation tools, MG2 availed of the augmented reality through the Team Viewer Pilot application which allowed MG2 technicians to remotely control the machines, by offering more precise and immersive visual indications in real time.

This was our first experience in a remote SAT.” – tells Pablo Zajac, OSD Production Director at Laboratories Roemmers – “I think that in Argentina or in Italy nothing can replace a handshake or face to face, but we have noticed, or rather the COVID-19 made us realize that in a large percentage these tasks can be performed digitally and very satisfactorily but with the only condition of having on both sides an excellent team of professionals but more important even, better people.

From my side, my sincere congratulations to both teams and this new age of digital SATs does not deprive us of meeting from time to time in Bologna or in Buenos Aires.”

Remote technical assistance, now extended to many services, is therefore added to the set of elements that make MG2 closer to the customer thus avoiding that the physical presence, the time zone and the language constitute barriers to the final goal: the customer satisfaction.

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MG2 News MG2 opens to Laboratories Roemmers the doors of its remote and virtual Technical Support Service