GTF60: MG2 customization meets automation to create an innovative food supplement line

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The protagonist of the case history is a Polish company, leader in the field of functional and food supplement, exporting its products to 90 countries, thus generating a turnover of more than 70 million euros.

MG2 carried out a customized solution for the packaging of a liquid food supplement contained in glass bottles with metal caps, placed in a display box usually located in the racks of stores.

GTF60 tray former was developed to satisfy the most different packaging requirements starting from flat blanks; the customized system allows the forming of a display box with a special closing, and its opening by removing a strip from the cardboard.

Inside, a box divider holds in place and spaces the vials in the box. The machine is also equipped with a vision system, to check the presence and orientation of the product.

Two six-axis robots perform the main handling operation on the line:

    • the picking, forming and insertion of the separator inside the formed box
    • and the loading of the products collection inside the carton.

Detail of the GTF60 box divider pick up & forming six-axis robot

This GTF60 handles two sizes of bottles (25 and 60 ml) and 4 sizes of boxes with different capacity (9 or 20 pieces). To ensure a full and efficient integration of all components, MG2 developers strongly cooperated with the suppliers of robots and vision systems.
GTF60 is also equipped with both a printer for variable data (such as batch and expiry date) and a system for verifying a pre-printed 2D code on the cap, as well as checking pre-printed code on the carton.

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