Laboratorios Roemmers & MG2: a modern approach to flexibility in DPI and OSD manufacturing

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Two PLANETA capsule fillers for the Argentine company to produce new medications

Flexibility, team spirit, deep technical competence: these are the three keywords that tell the story of the cooperation with Laboratorios Roemmers, Argentine pharmaceutical company that since 1921 plays a leading role in the international pharmaceutical market. The cooperation with MG2 is long-standing and the supply of two capsule fillers PLANETA has represented the consolidation of this important partnership.

To be ready and responsive to any production project, the Laboratorios Roemmer have planned, on the one side, the adoption of two twin machines capable of reaching the speed of 100,000 capsules/hour and, on the other side, the creation of a real warehouse for size parts and dosing units at the factory in Buenos Aires.

Dosing units and size parts are totally interchangeable between the two machines to reach the maximum flexibility which is necessary to satisfy the market demands

Among the available dosing units there are: the standard powder dosing unit (100-1150 mg); the unit to dose powder for inhalation (5-25 mg); the pellets dosing unit and a unit to feed cylindrical and flat tablets.

It is also worth mentioning that the production tests involved a wide range of capsule sizes (from 00 to 4), filled with various types of products and combinations (for example: low dose for inhalation powder; powder + pellets, 1 tablet + 2 different types of pellets, 1 tablet + powder).

First PLANETA capsule filling machine in Laboratorios Roemmers clean room

The testing phases at MG2 and at Laboratorios Roemmers simulated a real business case by performing productions of various types first on the first machine and then on the second machine to ensure the total interchangeability.

The NETT and MultiNETT weight control systems, which are used alternatively based on the dosing unit being assembled on the machine, allow an accurate 100% control of the net weight of the components dosed into the capsule.

The project, started before Covid-19 pandemic, has reached its final stages in the most complicated phase of the health emergency. 
However, this did not prevent from continuing the machine installation.

A forward-looking approach has allowed Laboratorios Roemmers to collect a series of videos of the operations carried out during the FAT (size change over, unit replacement, start of production, etc.) which allowed to create an actual video manual on the machines training
This choice has in fact anticipated the new approach to carry out online SAT that have become a successful service during the pandemic emergency.

Second PLANETA capsule filling machine in Laboratorios Roemmers clean room

A Teamwork, which Mr. Hernan Pulido, Head of Production of Oral Solid Forms of Laboratorios Roemmers comments as follows: “Closeness, group work, both during the normal course of the activity and in emergency. Our experience with MG2 has shown us how technical competence, adaptability and flexibility are exactly what is needed for a successful project.” 

Dosing units and size parts storage room at Laboratorios Roemmers

Shared competence and trust have certainly characterized this partnership” say MG2 Project Manager Emanuele Zanini and Project and Product Management Manager Marco Bellentani, “thus bringing the Roemmers Laboratories to install two machines that are able to meet any production need, in a 360-degree project, which makes it possible a perfect integration between capsule size parts and dosing size parts on one side, and the excellence of MultiNETT and NETT weight control systems on the other.

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