Spotlight on MG2 Industry 4.0: Pharma 4.0 in a webinar

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Are you interested in Industry 4.0, connected factory and its industrial paradigm?
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For us this theme is certainly not a novelty but it sinks its roots back in 1993. In fact, almost 30 years ago, the we carried out a project for an important European pharmaceutical manufacturer, to connect 15 MG2 capsule filling machines. Located in different hubs but connected to the network through a unique Database Server, the machines shared their performances, enabling the customer to compare production and working data, to optimize both the products and the process.

A long-term experience then, described by Mr. Alfredo Ziliotti, Area Manager, who, starting from the history of the connected factory paradigm, follows the technological evolution on which MG2 has consolidated its industrial leadership to reach the solutions that make us one of the main protagonists on the market.

Architectures, successful case histories, data transmission protocols, cybersecurity, reporting and remote control: these are just some of the topics covered by the webinar*, which offers the attendees the tools to successfully reach their Pharma 4.0 goals.

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*Webinar duration about 12 minutes


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MG2 News Spotlight on MG2 Industry 4.0: Pharma 4.0 in a webinar