Essentia: the human-centered essentiality

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The answer of MG2 to the persistent demand of both the customers and the market is called Essentia, a capsule filler with scalable speed up to 100,000 capsules/hour reachable with a single dosing unit: a synthesis of all MG2 technology qualities which are thus taken to an even more advanced level of optimization.

“We could say that Essentia solves the equation that compares machine sophistication and ease of use. – says Mr. Sergio Cicognani, Director of Strategic Innovation at MG2Cleaning and size change over are increasingly simplified processes, thanks to a new design paradigm which is no longer only focused on technology, but also and especially on those who are supposed to use the machine. Essentia is therefore equipped with all what is necessary to produce according to the high MG2 standards, but with an approach that puts simplicity at the center and technology at the service of the operator.”

Among the outstanding elements of Essentia there is the further strengthening of one of the distinctive advantages of MG2 since its foundation, when the introduction of the continuous-motion system revolutionized a market in which only the alternating motion system was present.
Essentia is the first result of a constructive platform shared by a family of machines that, starting from a common frame, are then declined in the most different functionalities according to the contexts in which they must operate.

Essentia introduces a constructive improvement that allows to reduce the dosing elements, with a consequent reduction of up to 25% of size parts. This results into a faster size change over, reduced cleaning times and longer machine life, without affecting the dosing performance and the accuracy that only continuous movement can guarantee.
Essentia is also characterized by a modern tower-control design, but also using innovative materials, to improve the operator experience, thus making its work easier under all points of view.

Operator experience is further improved thanks to the enhanced HMI, that is the result of both the development of the internal MG2 R&D Department and a usability study conducted with customers: the operator is guided in complex operations, and he can quickly act thanks to an interface renewed in color uniformity, in commands ergonomics and in the management of daily operation.

With the commercial launch of Essentia the Company also aims to facilitate the management of spare parts, thanks to a common frame capable of simplifying the activities of the After-Sales Department: on this topic MG2 is constantly working to strengthen the relationship of trust with its customers.

Essentia, perfection made easy.


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May, 4-10 2023
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