FlexaLAB: MG2 innovative solution for manufacturing a variety of dosages and capsule sizes

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Quotient Sciences, a global drug development and manufacturing organization, utilized the solution
for R&D and manufacturing small production batches.

Quotient Sciences, a drug development and manufacturing accelerator, and MG2, a leading company in the production of capsule filling machines, today have announced a strategic partnership. This partnership includes the purchase and installation of a FlexaLAB continuous-motion capsule filler at Quotient Sciences’ early phase drug development facility in Garnet Valley, PA (USA). The FlexaLAB can reach a speed of up to 3,000 capsules per hour, and is designed for R&D environments, where it can be used to fill capsule sizes from 0 to 5 for many different products and combinations.

For Quotient Sciences, the capsule filler has been configured with different dosing units to handle several oral solid forms, including powders, pellets, tablets, and mini-tablets. The FlexaLAB is also equipped with the ability to fill different dosing units at the same time, thus enabling it to fill multiple products combinations in a single capsule.
The FlexaLAB supplied to Quotient Sciences is also equipped with the Microdose, an automatic micro-dosing unit which can be used to fill micro-dosages of powder, including pure active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), from 0.5 mg up to 6 mg. The unit is equipped with the MultiNETT micro-weighing control system and dosage is performed by micro-steps. This Microdose can reach a production speed of 400 capsules per hour depending on both the product being dosed and the target weight.

The capsule filling machine has also been successfully tested with sprinkle capsules, which are widely used in the United States. This type of capsules has been specially designed for application in the pediatric and geriatric fields. The capsules can be opened easily by both patients and healthcare professionals, allowing them to “sprinkle” drugs on either food or drinks without compromising on quality, safety, or efficacy.
In addition to the FlexaLAB, MG2 has supplied Quotient Sciences with dosators and pistons with specific treatments that are ideal for managing very cohesive products, as well as other ad-hoc components, including a complete set of dosing containers with different heights.

FlexaLAB at Quotient Sciences facility in Garnet Valley, PA (USA)

Detail of Microdose powder micro-dosing unit

Finally, this project was developed with the customer in mind, utilizing a step-by-step process to match each phase in the development process.

Successful delivery of this project was made possible by a dedicated MG2 project management team and the team at MG America, the sister company of MG2 which has been present on the North American market of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic processing and packaging machines for over 30 years.

“This interaction really helped us in growing and understanding the needs of the customer.” – says Mr. Giuseppe Marino, MG2 Project Manager – “It was a rewarding experience, and, at the same time, it has allowed us to be closer to the customer. This relationship also gave an added value to the customer for future scale-up projects.”

Both the weekly online meetings and the constant contact with technical and scientific representatives at both parties have allowed MG2 and MG America to identify the best answers to the numerous planned product tests.

So far, this has been the most satisfying experience for me with an equipment supplier,” – concludes Dr. Prasad Challapalli, Senior Director of Product Development at Quotient Sciences – “because of both the level of interaction and transparency in the information, as well as the ability in coordinating all the project activities.


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