Initia: the success of a product starts with the first capsule

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The table-top capsule filler made in MG2, designed for R&D and testing

Dosing a pharmaceutical product into a capsule in a short time without loosing the highest accuracy in the filling process: this is the Initia, the newborn from MG2 R&D department. Initia is a table-top capsule filler, which guarantees MG2 standards.

It can fill up to 5 capsules in sequence, from size 000 to 5 with powder for both standard dosages and low dosages, all of this with small dimensions particularly suitable for R&D laboratories, Universities and Research Centers.

Highest quality from testing to production

Flexibility and usability, always sign of MG2 quality, are now further enhanced with the introduction of this semi-automatic table-top capsule filling machine which allows the operator to promptly identify the best machine parameters to be transferred to laboratory and production capsule filling machines.
At the same time, the operator is supported both in the development and in the optimization of formulations, without needing to use too much product, which is often very expensive. Initia is equipped with an HMI panel that helps the operator in the capsule filling phases. The dosing process is precisely emulated, compared to production machines, both as far as the applied product compression strength is concerned and with regard to the adopted size parts (dosator and piston).
The goal consists in building a technological ecosystem under MG2 brand: an “environment” in which the operator starts from filling a single capsule to achieve the industrial production, always accompanied by the quality and the reliability being the pillars of MG2 industrial history.

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