MG2 endless evolution: Electa

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MG2 continues expanding its range of human-centered-design (HCD) capsule fillers

Today Electa was born, the top-of-the-range capsule filling machine of the new E series, which can be equipped with one or two dosing units, statistical or 100% net weight controls. Electa doubles its performances compared to the first model of the series, Essentia, launched on the market in 2023.

Electa will be exhibited at ACHEMA 2024 (Hall 3.1 booth F47) with a production speed of 200.000 capsules/hour, even in the case of different product combinations into the same capsule.
Beside the above we can always rely on the qualities that have always been characteristics of MG2 technological concept: modularity, flexibility, and accuracy in capsule filling operations.

The undisputed quality of the finished product is guaranteed by the 100% net weight control systems, consolidated flagship solutions of MG2, which in this implementation are further improved: the NETT and the MultiNETT.

Following the human-centered design (HCD) approach, Electa presents a completely new concept: its modern and ergonomic design is concretely represented by the control-tower shape with a 21-inch HMI.

Besides, it has been possible to choose high-quality materials and fine finishes which improves the operator’s experience and facilitate the work in every aspect, thus ensuring maximum ease of access to cleaning and size change over operations.

The key features of Electa are: the reduced parts in contact with the product, greater production efficiency with simultaneous reduction of the residual product in the machine (-70% compared to other MG2 machine models), a pre-arrangement for production autonomous driving systems.

The capsule filling machine thus becomes a full of technology at the service of both the performance and the user needs: MG2 continues its paths towards a more and more human-centered technological development where ergonomics, flexibility and accuracy come together to ensure superior performances.


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