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A story of INNOVATION 


In MG2, since 1966, we have been working hard to guarantee to our customers the maximum technological innovation applied to the production of automatic machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries

Ours is a DNA of innovators and pioneers: we offer today the best of tomorrow, we create new standards as for versatility, reliability and technology, we promote and support the improvement of people’s health and well-being, providing the companies of the field with the best conditions for quality manufacturing and innovation.

We have always been working worldwide. We have a global vision of opportunities and solutions, but also a unique ability which makes us stand out among all competitors, as we offer a customized approach to any specific requirement, to carry out tailor-made solutions, for the innovative project of both a Big Pharma and a small galenic laboratory.

We deeply sink our roots in our native background, that is the Packaging Valley, well known in the world as a technological district of excellence.
We have always been close to the needs of our territory, and we strongly believe in the development and personal growth of our employees, because an environment which enhances people is a winning one, from all points of view.

MG2 aims to be a successful Company, engaged in a fair competition with the most important national and international competitors, respecting the principles of professional ethics
The goal is to reach quality excellence in products and services, as well as getting a positive economic result, raising the Company image and increasing its financial health. MG2 acknowledges the importance of ethical and social values: consequently, the company is involved in a fair and responsible management, respecting the community it belongs to. MG2 work is based on fairness and openness principles, as for relations with customers as well as inside the Company itself. The Governance Company model clearly reflects these principles.

MG2’s Code of Ethics defines the rules of behaviour and the ethical principles which must be adhered to by all employees, consultants, suppliers, customers and, generally speaking, the community.

Innovation and excellence, respect and good ethics, new standards and shared values
Welcome to MG2 world

Since 1966

In 1966, Mr Ernesto Gamberini, a young designer of automatic machines, together with Mr Cesare Grandi, a testing technician, and his uncle Mr Candido Magri rented a garage in Bologna neighborhood, where they started designing and manufacturing automatic machines for the food and pharmaceuticals industries.

In 1967 MG2
received its first order for a capsule filling machine suitable to dose pharmaceuticals into hard-shell capsules: this product would get so much success to become the core-business of the Company.

This was the starting point of MG2 true success: the Company established itself as a world innovating leader, also thanks to the introduction of continuous motion, which brought immediate and long lasting benefits to machine performances, especially if compared to the intermittent motion technology employed by all the other constructors.

“Today they would call us start-up,

but when we started we were pioneers who created standards where they didn’t exist.


Ernesto Gamberini

Invest to grow WORLDWIDE


MG2 was growing quickly and only two years later the garage was abandoned in favour of a real industrial facility in Pianoro (Bologna). 
In 1971, another extension was necessary and the activity moved to the present main headquarter in Pian di Macina di Pianoro. In 2006 a new construction, especially designed to host the new automated warehouse, was built, thus increasing the overall covered area up to 15.000
Over the years, MG2 has always invested in foreign markets by establishing time by time a direct presence in the most dynamic and interesting ones. In 1984 a branch for technical assistance was opened in the UK, followed by another branch in France for sales and technical support in 1986.

In 1987, the sister company MG America began its activity in New Jersey, USA.

Structural investments never stop, involving the Company at 360 degrees. Among these: the photovoltaic power plant installed on the premises’ roofs in 2010; the complete renovation of the block hosting the technical offices in 2015; the inauguration of the new MG2 Pharma Zone in 2016.



Keeping ahead for you.