Specialists in CAPSULE FILLING

Since 1966, we have been an essential point of reference for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies  and contract manufactures for the dosage of products into hard-shell capsules and small containers, such as dual-chamber dosing caps and blisters.

Our machines can handle any type of dosing application, offering all types of dosage and production speed, together with last-generation weight control systems.

Our capsule filling machines, indeed, satisfy all requirements with the maximum flexibility and scalability: from small batches for testing purpose to 24-hours production cycles.

They are completely automated also thanks to the support of highly-qualified operators who are always available to assist our customers in case of particular applications (PAT projects and so on).

The available models allow to dose any type of product from powder, powder low dosages for Dry Powder Inhalers, pellets, micro-tablets, tablets to herbs and liquids, at different speeds, with different dosing combinations.

To allow our customers to utilize capsule filling machines at their maximum efficiency and productivity, we developed also a series of products to make machines special functions easier, such as dosing machines for small containers, weight control systems, powder dosing heads for pre-formed nest-type containers (blisters), capsule cleaning tools and other ancillary machines.

A single partner for all productions into hard-shell capsules

Capsule fillers

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E series

We have enhanced our technological distinctive advantages to obtain a unique constructive platform designed for a new capsule filling machines family inspired by a human-centered design (HCD).

Focus on INHALATION Solutions

Since 1990, we have been developing solutions for the capsules filling process of formulations for DPI systems. We apply both the volumetric technology by dosator and the net in-process weight control system to our capsule filling machines from R&D to high-production speed.

Focus on CONTAINMENT Systems

Our machines are designed to safeguard the operator, the product and the environment by guaranteeing containment levels from OEB3 up to OEB5 with wash-in-place systems.

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