Continuous motion Capsule fillers

Capsule Fillers

All the capsule filling machines of Process division are designed to guarantee high performances for both production speed and dosing precision. MG2 capsule fillers can dose different combinations of products into the same capsule, to meet all customer’s requests:

  • powder
  • low dosages of powders without compression (up to 4 mg.)
  • pellets (up to 4 different kinds)
  • granulate powder
  • tablets & microtablets
  • oblong tablets
  • special shaped tablets for clinical tests
  • capsule into capsule
Depending on the model and the dosing combination needed, the production capacity of MG2 machines can change from 3.000 to 250.000 capsules/hour MG2 machines support hard gelatine capsules ranging from size 000 to 5 including tamper-proof capsules. The Process Division range also includes several machines to dose powder, with or without compression, directly into blister pockets or small containers arranged in an orderly manner, as well as machines to dose products into small size containers (suitable for example to dose vitamins into containers caps). Visit the section OTHER MACHINES for details on these machines.

MG2 • Processing Capsule fillers

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MG2 • Processing Capsule fillers