Specialists in HIGH-ACCURACY dosing technology with dosators and 100% in-process net weight control systems

Modularity and flexibility mean to MG2 the possibility to both combine different OSD forms into the same capsule and change dosage in the simplest and fastest way. Our capsule filling dosing units are indeed interchangeable and this characteristic can satisfy the needs of companies which often change their production, such as the CMO and CDMO.

Another key concept of our capsule filling machines is scalability, which is the possibility to widely improve the production performances, by transferring the production from a capsule filler to another one. This is possible thanks to the product dosing principle, which is the same for all MG2 continuous-motion capsule filling machines.

A wide range of weight control systems is also available: manual, statistical or to check 100% of production; stand-alone or integrated to the machine, with self-calibration and self-adjustment of dosing parameters.

Specialists in capsule filling.
Since 1966.

Capsule Fillers

All the capsule filling machines of Process division are designed to guarantee high performances for both production speed and dosing precision. MG2 capsule fillers can dose different combinations of products into the same capsule, to meet all customer’s requests:

  • powder
  • low dosages of powders without compression (up to 4 mg.)
  • pellets (up to 4 different kinds)
  • granulate powder
  • tablets & microtablets
  • oblong tablets
  • special shaped tablets for clinical tests
  • capsule into capsule
Depending on the model and the dosing combination needed, the production capacity of MG2 machines can change from 3.000 to 250.000 capsules/hour MG2 machines support hard gelatine capsules ranging from size 000 to 5 including tamper-proof capsules. The Process Division range also includes several machines to dose powder, with or without compression, directly into blister pockets or small containers arranged in an orderly manner, as well as machines to dose products into small size containers (suitable for example to dose vitamins into containers caps). Visit the section OTHER MACHINES for details on these machines.

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MG2 Pharma Zone: with you, from research to production

In our Pharma Zone it is possible to carry out trials and dosages tests with active products. Our experts can offer their support for:

  • development of new products into capsules;
  • scale-up and technological transfer from lab scale to pilot and commercial scale;
  • esecution of technical batches (also for R&D), including pre-clinical and optimisation;
  • process knowledge and optimisation;
  • trials with production machines using API’s in real production conditions.


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