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Modularity and flexibility
mean to MG2 the possibility to both combine different OSD forms into the same capsule and change dosage in the simplest and fastest way. Our capsule filling dosing units are indeed interchangeable and this characteristic can satisfy the needs of companies which often change their production, such as the CMO and CDMO.

Another key concept of our capsule filling machines is scalability, which is the possibility to widely improve the production performances, by transferring the production from a capsule filler to another one. This is possible thanks to the product dosing principle, which is the same for all MG2 continuous-motion capsule filling machines.

A wide range of weight control systems is also available: manual, statistical or to check 100% of production; stand-alone or integrated to the machine, with self-calibration and self-adjustment of dosing parameters.

Specialists in capsule filling. Since 1966.

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A key contribution to the success of our capsule filling process has been given by the continuous improvement of our patented weight control systems.
A wide choice of systems is available on our capsule filling machines starting from manual samplingstatistical controls up to 100% in-process net weight systems.

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