Containment Systems

MG2 • Processing Containment Systems

The most Advanced Technology for all Containment Levels

During the last years we strongly invested both in the study and in the development of containment technology. Our systems are designed to safeguard the operator, the product and the environment.



Guarantee of the highest
containment levels OEB4 – OEB5



Directly fixed to the isolator for safe change and minimal contaminated surfaces

Cleaning systems

Incremental solutions from dry cleaning, to wet-in-place up to dynamic and automatic wash-in-place

Containment: what it's for and how it can be achieved

The main purpose of containment systems consists in avoiding the product release, thus assuring operators and environment protection from the exposure to potentially toxic substances. Besides, isolators can also be utilized to protect the product from both external contamination and environmental unsuitable conditions, by keeping constant some parameters such as temperature and relative humidity level.

Cleaning effectiveness

Intermediate containment levels

Thanks to the scalability and flexibility of our product range, we can satisfy requests for intermediate containment levels.
For example, the standard version of PLANETA capsule filler during normal operations already complies with OEB3 class.
By upgrading the machines with the adoption of containment elements such as gloves, filters or suction lances it is possible to reach OEB4 level.

From R&D to Production

different configurations in order to achieve a containment level from OEB3 up to OEB5 applied to a wide range of capsule fillers operating at different speeds


3.000 capsules/hour


27.000 – 55.000 – 110.000 capsules/hour


50.000 – 100.000 – 200.000 capsules/hour

Certified Quality

In the MG2 Pharma Zone, it is possible to run tests in compliance with the SMEPAC procedure to certify the containment level reachable by our capsule fillers

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    MG2 • Processing Containment Systems