We squared the circle

Year 2000: PLANETA, the innovative continuous-motion capsule filler is born. It is the first round-designed machine, which turned out to become MG2 best seller with its more than 150 sold copies. 

Year 2020: from the circle of PLANETA, the square of PLANETA Q is born; the same flexibility in terms of product dosing combinations, from low to high production capacity, but a new green soul in a capsule filler with containment system.

Mechanical Design

Continuous motion



powder; powder low dosages for inhalation / DPI; pellets; tablets;
micro-tablets; capsule into capsule; liquids

Weight Control Systems


Great Flexibility

  • upgradable production speeds from 6,000 up to 100,000 capsules/hour
  • different product dosing units
  • combination of different product types into the same capsule
  • control of filled capsules net weight by means of different systems to satisfy all possible quality control requirements

Ergonomic Technology

  • «gull wing»-shaped machine protections
  • operator panel accessible at an angle of 180 degrees
  • improved ergonomics and optimized internal layout
  • SR/I rotary selector of empty capsules, to separate crushed and deformed capsules from good capsules, integrated inside the machine hood

State-of-the-art HMI

  • high-level technology components and state-of-the-art software
  • interface that focuses on intuitiveness and overall user experience
  • operation parameters stored and recalled at size
  • 21-inch touch-screen HMI panel
  • remote connection for direct assistance via VPN router
  • connectivity for network integration

OEB 5 containment level

  • gloves to enable safe access to the production area for maintenance
  • seals to isolate the operational area from the technical area
  • suction lances for dry cleaning
  • spray guns for wetting
  • possibility to assemble outfeed chutes with continuous liners or containment valves

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