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MG2 • Processing Inhalation Solutions

Your valuable
partner for low dosage

Since 1990 we have been developing solutions for inhalation purposes to meet the most demanding customers’ requirements on the capsule filling process of formulations for DPI systems.



High-accuracy technology

volumetric technology by dosator
from R&D to high production capsule filling


Net weight control system

MultiNETT 100% net weight control
system in process MG2 patented


Pharma Zone

pharmaceutical area for
pre-clinical tests, R&D and technical batches


A dedicated team

product specialists and R&D experts
to support you during each phase

A scientific approach

All along, we have been particularly attentive to the panorama of the international scientific research in which we are actively involved.

We have developed a wide range of partnerships focused on projects and academic publications with well-known italian and foreign Universities, Research Centers, suppliers of hard-gelatine capsules and pharmaceutical excipients.


From R&D to Production

we offer a wide range of capsule fillers equipped with powder low dosages unit customizable depending on the types of powders and the requested dosage  


up to 3.000 capsules/hour


up to 100.000 capsules/hour


up to 200.000 capsules/hour

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Take the opportunity to exchange valuable information and discuss with our Inhalation Solution Product Manager and Pharmaceutical Technology Scientists during events & conferences we take part all around the world.


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    MG2 • Processing Inhalation Solutions