Other machines

MG2 • Processing Other Machines

MG2 can offer machines for special applications:


MG2 SELEKTA is a check-weigher and sorting machine for tablets designed by MG2, with the technological heart of MultiNETT weight control system.

Speed: up to 200.000 units/hour


MG2 G28/T is an automatic continuous-motion dosing and assembling machine designed to dose powder into small containers, such as dual chamber sealing caps suitable for oral reconstitute drugs.

Speed: up to 28.000 containers/hour


MG2 Flexofill is a dosing head suitable to dose powder or granulates into blisters or small containers.
It is suitable for low dosages of powder to be inhaled without compactation, from 4 mg up to 40 mg.

Speed: 35 strokes/minute

MG2 • Processing Other Machines