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MG2ProcessingCapsule fillersAlternA70N

MG2 AlternA70N is an intermittent motion capsule filling machine suitable to dose pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and dietary products into hard-shell capsules. It is compact, easy-to-use and allows a quick size change over.

It is possible to install more dosing units at the same time, in order to make product combinations inside the same capsule.
AlternA70N is designed according to GMP regulations to obtain a high-quality level and reliable production.

Mechanical Design

Intermittent motion


up to 70.000 capsules/hour


powder; pellets

Weight control systems

AlternA70N can be equipped with:

  • simpliflied statistical stand-alone inspector for filled capsules with machine stop in case of sample weight outside the set limit values mod. SWC/SA

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MG2ProcessingCapsule fillersAlternA70N

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