intermittent-motion capsule filler up to 110.000 capsules/hour

MG2 • Processing Capsule fillersAlterNova

MG2 AlterNova is the first intermittent-motion capsule filler which changes its configuration to meet the most diversified production requirements. It can combine up to 4 different kinds of products in the same capsule. The innovative design of the machine makes operation and maintenance easier. Reliable and easy-to-use, AlterNova is the perfect synthesis of “high value, low cost” philosophy.

Speed & Upgrades: up to 110.000 capsules/hour

Products: powder, pellets

Weight control systems

AlterNova can be equipped with:

  • simplified statistical stand-alone inspector for filled capsules with machine stop in case of sample weight outside the set limit values mod. SWC/SA

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    MG2 • Processing Capsule fillersAlterNova