G70 - G140

continuos-motion capsule filler up to 140.000 capsules/hour

MG2 • Processing Capsule fillersG70 – G140

MG2 G70 and G140 represent two models of dosing machines for hard-shell gelatine capsules, developed by MG2 to satisfy pharmaceutical industry requirements of high-performance easy-to-use equipment. The main difference is the number of capsule transfer elements in the capsule handling units and product dosing elements. Both models are suitable for medium and high production processes.

Speed & Upgrades: 70.000, 140.000 capsules/hour

Products: powder, pellets, tablets

Weight control systems

G70 and G140 can be equipped with:

  • manual sampling (NT)
  • simplified statistical system mod. SWC/S
  • automatic statistical system mod. SWC
  • 100% in process net weight control of each dosed capsule mod. NETT

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    MG2 • Processing Capsule fillersG70 – G140