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MG2 • Processing Capsule fillers • Initia

MG2 Initia is a table-top capsule filler for laboratories, designed to fill capsules for standard and low dosages of powder. The dosing process is precisely emulated: both powder compression strength and size parts of Initia are the same as MG2 production machines. Initia will become your irreplaceable tool to better identify the machine parameters for laboratory and production machines, while supporting you to improve and develop your formulations.

Output: up to 5 capsules/sequence

Capsule sizes: from 000 up to 5, including tamper-proof, elongated, HPMC capsules and capsules for clinical trials

Products: powder, powder low dosages


handling all capsules sizes
and all powder dosing ranges
(from 5 mg)


featuring a HMI to guide
the operator through the process


filling up to 5 capsules
in a semi-automatic sequence


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    MG2 • Processing Capsule fillers • Initia