powder micro-dosing unit up to 700 capsules/hour

MG2 • Processing Capsule fillersMicrodose

MG2 Microdose is a powder micro-dosing unit fitted with a micro-weighing control system. It is suitable to handle all kinds of powder, including API without excipients or bulking agents. It is ideal to dose weights from 0,5 mg up to 20 mg of powder without compactation. Microdose could be used as a manual stand-alone unit or as a automatic dosing unit to be fitted on FlexaLAB capsule filler.

Mechanical design: vibration

Speed: up to 700 capsules/hour

Products: powder, powder low dosages

Weight control systems

Microdose on FlexaLAB capsule filler is equipped with:


  • 100% in process net weight control of each component in each dosed capsule mod. MultiNETT


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    MG2 • Processing Capsule fillersMicrodose