up to 100.000 capsules/hour - OEB5 containment level

MG2 • Processing Capsule fillers • PLANETA Q

MG2 PLANETA Q is PLANETA capsule filler evolution, carrying with it the legacy of MG2 half-century experience in the capsule filling process. This machine guarantees the same flexibility from low to high production capacity, but with a green soul and an innovative design.
PLANETA Q designing focuses on the total accessibility of the machine by the operator, thanks to its «gull wing-shaped» machine protections, the operator panel which is accessible at an angle of 180 degrees, improved ergonomics and optimised internal layout. PLANETA Q is compliant to OEB5 containment level.

Speed & Upgrades: 6.000, 12.000, 25.000, 50.000, 100.000 capsules/hour

Products: powder, powder low dosages, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets, liquids, capsule into capsule

Weight control systems

PLANETA Q can be equipped with:

  • manual sampling (NT)
  • simplified statistical system mod. SWC/S
  • automatic statistical system mod. SWC
  • automatic statistical weight control mod. Pre-weight
  • 100% in-process net weight control of each dosed capsule model NETT
  • 100% in-process net weight control of each component in each dosed capsule model MultiNETT


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    MG2 • Processing Capsule fillers • PLANETA Q