check-weigher & sorting machine

MG2 • Processing Other Machines Selekta

MG2 SELEKTA is a check-weigher and sorting machine for tablets with the technological heart of MultiNETT weight control system.

The machine features high speed, great accuracy and wide flexibility as for shape and size of products to be handled.

Weight control system

MultiNETT 100% in-process


up to 200.000 units/hour




SELEKTA can be directly connected downstream of the production machine, upstream of blister lines or used as a stand-alone unit, with automatic or manual load, for small batches. The machine selects conforming and non-conforming units through a fail-safe system, thanks to sensors located in the critical phases of the process.
SELEKTA is easy to use and maintain; size change over is tool free and quickly performed by replacing two sets of parts, which can be easily disassembled.

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    MG2 • Processing Other Machines Selekta